Open Season

Open Season on Sarah Palin officially started September 3, 2008, when she was hand-picked to be the first female Vice-Presidential running mate for the Republican ticket and delivered an enthusiastic acceptance speech at their national convention that year in St Paul, Minnesota:

Even a RINO like John McCain could not deny that he needed a strong Conservative and a proven reformer as his running mate, in order to have a fighting chance in the election. Sarah fired up the Conservative base like no one else since 1980's President Reagan, but unfortunately Senator McCain's assistance to his opponent instead of to his running mate cost Sarah's team the election; and five years of the new regime's "progressive" policies run by Sarah's enemies have quickly spiraled America into deeper debt and weakness from which we as a nation may never recover.

Despite the 2008 electoral setback, Sarah Palin is still one of those rarefied women who literally have it all including a compassionate and forgiving nature towards those who hate her, and an infectious smile on her beautiful face. That is just one of many reasons Why Sarah Palin Is So Freaking Awesome.