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Sarah deserves our support more than this invisible little tribute blog does, and we need to show the communists in charge of our government that Sarah does not stand alone and that We The People will protect her as she fights for us and keeps Washington DC accountable!

Whatever Sarah does in life, she will succeed on her own terms, with guidance from our God and her beautiful family, the way it should be. Join her and win with the no-longer-Silent Majority to restore America as the Founders intended, or fight her to your own demise. Your choice.

Owned by neither political party and beholden to no one but a strong America, we as a nation will never be great again until we, united, recognize that we need, deserve, and commit to elect
President Sarah Palin

Going Rogue America By Heart

Today is Sarah Palin Day!

On August 29, 2008, Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska was introduced to the world as then-Presidential candidate John McCain's running mate.

Sarah Palin

Within this past year, Governor Sarah Palin has endured with grace, class and forgiveness the most vile and hateful lies, attacks, and attempts at personal destruction against herself and her beautiful loving family.

Why do the Leftists in Hollywood, Washington DC, and everywhere in between hate Sarah Palin so much?

Fear. Or perhaps Jealousy. Maybe both.

Sarah Palin is conservative, she is white, she is Christian, and she is gorgeous inside and out.

Sarah is still happily married to her high school sweetheart, she loves her five children rather than abort them, and she shoots guns to feed her family.

They hate Sarah Palin because she weeded out the corruption in both parties of her state, and achieved a 90% approval rating for her efforts. Governor Palin was also the only candidate of the 2008 election with experience running everything from a large family, to a small business, to a small town, to the largest state in our Union.

Sarah Palin also had the gall to achieve everything she has through her own merit and hard work, without Liberal feminism, affirmative action, deep special interest pockets, or family ties.

Unlike the current White House residents, Sarah Palin was born in this country and has always loved America.

Most of all, they hate her because she's One Of Us: a middle class, outside the Beltway patriot who represents and who dared to awaken the No-Longer-Silent-Majority in this country.

In honor of America's only Hope for Change For The Better, and to encourage other pro-America, pro-family, pro-capitalist, and pro-freedom candidates to lead this country, Why Sarah Palin Is So Freaking Awesome today joins other like-minded blogs in honoring this accomplished woman.

The enemy of the enemy is my friend...

They Fear Us!

Rush & Sarah FEARED by the Left!

Rush is Right!--

"if conservatives are as dead as the left says we are, why in hell do they spend so much time dancing on our graves?...If we're dead...why are they continuing to try to kill us?

It's because we still threaten them, and we threaten them precisely because they are a collection of lies and deceit and phony ideas and ours are ideas of substance that, properly articulated, connect with a majority of the American people. So they're going after anybody on the right who can articulate these things and setting out to try to destroy them. Me, Sarah Palin, you name it, whoever it is, they're trying to destroy the people who could and can articulate the beliefs and the principles that the left actually fears.

Why are they continuing to try to destroy virtually anyone and everyone who can articulate conservatism? It's 'cause they are afraid of us. If...conservatism is dead, why did they spend so much time trying to discredit the tea parties? Why did they spend so much time trying to destroy the concept and the thoughts, the impetus behind the tea parties?

part and parcel their existence is to stamp out opposition, to wipe it out. They are afraid of opposition. Liberals have been for the longest time. Political correctness is about silencing opposition.

Sarah Palin could build the party, and all these moderates and independents think that she's going to be a drag on building the party. Why? Because, true, she will not attract liberals. She won't attract moderates. Thank God! We don't want 'em in our party

the Battleground poll...shows that 60% of the American people...identify themselves as conservatives. The telling part is that 30 to 34%, 30% call themselves Republicans; but 60% call themselves conservatives.

The moderates are about reaching out, right? Why do they not reach out to us?...The moderates in our party want to cast us aside. The moderates in our party want to reach out to everybody but us, the conservatives...(moderates are) just hero worshipers....They go where the power is, and they'll be back once we reacquire power.

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The Real Deal

Already said better by The Damned Memo, Sarah Palin is the Real Deal when it comes to a proper female role model.

Sarah achieved everything she has by the sweat of her own brow, without help from any Liberal or Government program.

As a Governor and leader of the USA's largest state, Sarah in 2008 was already as qualified as any head of state for foreign policy and national defense issues.  A proven reformer, she weeded from power corrupt officials in both major political parties.  That is precisely why both major political parties hate her, because she does not tolerate corruption.

As a Governor, Sarah already has experience as a commander-in-chief - in charge of her state's national guards and law enforcement.

As a Governor, an elected state chief executive officer (CEO) -- with an 80-plus-percent approval rating -- Sarah is already more qualified to be POTUS than the current White House occupant.

For the 2008 election, Sarah Palin was chosen to balance and complement the Republican ticket: a governor and a senator, state executive experience and federal legislative experience, youth and energy, age and experience, a conservative and a moderate. What a waste that her running mate let his staff sabotage Sarah and their own campaign rather than defend her in the press, then blamed the electoral loss on her.  True conservatives know that Sarah Palin was the reason that Republicans received any votes at all in 2008.

Sarah's life and accomplishments are an example of self-made success, gratitude, faith, and genuine American patriotism.

After the 2008 electoral loss, rather than let Sarah return to her successful role as Governor, Sarah's vindictive political enemies, playing childish political games of personal destruction, instead buried her office with a series of  frivolous lawsuits -- every one of which was dismissed in a court of law.  Rather than subject her state to the wasted time and expense of defending the false allegations, she chose to step down instead and serve her country (even better in this writer's personal opinion) as an independent political commentator online and on television, holding the new regime accountable and firing up the conservative base, most of whom became active politically for the first time in their lives. 

Her Awesomeness Can Do It!

And yet to this day, Sarah's enemies still quickly and hypocritically dismiss any plans she has for higher office by parroting the false "she quit" meme.  Rather than let this bother her, Sarah just quietly remembers that their 2008 and 2012 candidate quit to run for higher office, and their 2016 candidate also quit two Federally appointed positions in order to escape a criminal investigation and distance herself from the controversy before running for an even higher office.  Sarah's enemies will never stop repeating the "she quit" hypocrisy, because to them, bankrupting a city (50 years of Democratic control in Detroit), a state (generations of "progressive" rule in California, or a nation (see USA 2009 to present) is preferable to stepping down from power. 


That's why Sarah's enemies hate fear her so's because she is a threat to their political survival: she exposes their hatefulness, intolerance, irrelevance, and criminally unqualified incompetence as we have witnessed since January 2009.

So in spite of all that awesomely solid Presidential cred in Governor Palin, a majority of idiots "voting early and voting often" not once but twice put a Chicago socialist "organizer" and professional campaigner in charge. May God (yes I said God, deal with it) have mercy on our souls.

And we won't hold our breaths for all those apologies due Sarah.

So...How's that Hope 'n' Change™ workin' out for y'all?

One of us...

Sarah is one of us! She is a genuine Beltway outsider, a devoted sports mom, she flies coach, shops the same retail stores, does her best work on the job, actually pays her taxes, and cares for her family with no outside help.

On The Job

At The Zoo



At Walmart


She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness. -- Proverbs 31:27

small government, fiscally responsible, socially compassionate

Sarah's annual State of the State address for Alaska (1.22.2009):
video and text.

Awesome State Address

"At our best, we are forthright in our opinions, charitable in our judgments and fair just like the people who hired us to work for them"

"When it matters most, lesser differences fall away"

"Finding efficiencies even during times of plenty – that’s common sense fiscal responsibility"

"We’ve followed the same principles from the start of this administration: fiscal discipline, limited government, and responsible stewardship"

"Simply increasing budgets every year, a common government practice, is no guarantee of success. More often, it’s an incentive to failure. Good public policy is accountable for results, and focused on critical priorities"

"a healthier Alaska via personal responsibility, and subsisting more on our pure and plentiful Alaskan food sources! It’s why we protect our waters and soils from pollutants, and it’s a reason we manage our wildlife for abundance"

"For goals of hope, opportunity, and self-sufficiency, government is not the answer, but government can help with energy challenges"

"after the journey I completed on November 4th...I learned more about fighting the good fight, facing long odds, the need to protect family – my own and our Alaska family – and putting Country First"

Dang, she's



Number One American Female

Student of Reagan

Sarah is the first person since President Ronald Wilson Reagan to wake up and excite the Conservative Silent Majority of Americans!

Personally, only two political leaders have ever caused me to smile: Sarah Louise Heath Palin and Ronald Wilson Reagan.

Awesomeness & Maximus

She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come. -- Proverbs 31:25