Today is Sarah Palin Day!

On August 29, 2008, Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska was introduced to the world as then-Presidential candidate John McCain's running mate.

Sarah Palin

Within this past year, Governor Sarah Palin has endured with grace, class and forgiveness the most vile and hateful lies, attacks, and attempts at personal destruction against herself and her beautiful loving family.

Why do the Leftists in Hollywood, Washington DC, and everywhere in between hate Sarah Palin so much?

Fear. Or perhaps Jealousy. Maybe both.

Sarah Palin is conservative, she is white, she is Christian, and she is gorgeous inside and out.

Sarah is still happily married to her high school sweetheart, she loves her five children rather than abort them, and she shoots guns to feed her family.

They hate Sarah Palin because she weeded out the corruption in both parties of her state, and achieved a 90% approval rating for her efforts. Governor Palin was also the only candidate of the 2008 election with experience running everything from a large family, to a small business, to a small town, to the largest state in our Union.

Sarah Palin also had the gall to achieve everything she has through her own merit and hard work, without Liberal feminism, affirmative action, deep special interest pockets, or family ties.

Unlike the current White House residents, Sarah Palin was born in this country and has always loved America.

Most of all, they hate her because she's One Of Us: a middle class, outside the Beltway patriot who represents and who dared to awaken the No-Longer-Silent-Majority in this country.

In honor of America's only Hope for Change For The Better, and to encourage other pro-America, pro-family, pro-capitalist, and pro-freedom candidates to lead this country, Why Sarah Palin Is So Freaking Awesome today joins other like-minded blogs in honoring this accomplished woman.