The enemy of the enemy is my friend...

They Fear Us!

Rush & Sarah FEARED by the Left!

Rush is Right!--

"if conservatives are as dead as the left says we are, why in hell do they spend so much time dancing on our graves?...If we're dead...why are they continuing to try to kill us?

It's because we still threaten them, and we threaten them precisely because they are a collection of lies and deceit and phony ideas and ours are ideas of substance that, properly articulated, connect with a majority of the American people. So they're going after anybody on the right who can articulate these things and setting out to try to destroy them. Me, Sarah Palin, you name it, whoever it is, they're trying to destroy the people who could and can articulate the beliefs and the principles that the left actually fears.

Why are they continuing to try to destroy virtually anyone and everyone who can articulate conservatism? It's 'cause they are afraid of us. If...conservatism is dead, why did they spend so much time trying to discredit the tea parties? Why did they spend so much time trying to destroy the concept and the thoughts, the impetus behind the tea parties?

part and parcel their existence is to stamp out opposition, to wipe it out. They are afraid of opposition. Liberals have been for the longest time. Political correctness is about silencing opposition.

Sarah Palin could build the party, and all these moderates and independents think that she's going to be a drag on building the party. Why? Because, true, she will not attract liberals. She won't attract moderates. Thank God! We don't want 'em in our party

the Battleground poll...shows that 60% of the American people...identify themselves as conservatives. The telling part is that 30 to 34%, 30% call themselves Republicans; but 60% call themselves conservatives.

The moderates are about reaching out, right? Why do they not reach out to us?...The moderates in our party want to cast us aside. The moderates in our party want to reach out to everybody but us, the conservatives...(moderates are) just hero worshipers....They go where the power is, and they'll be back once we reacquire power.

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