The Real Deal

Already said better by The Damned Memo, Sarah Palin is the Real Deal when it comes to a proper female role model.

Sarah achieved everything she has by the sweat of her own brow, without help from any Liberal or Government program.

As a Governor and leader of the USA's largest state, Sarah in 2008 was already as qualified as any head of state for foreign policy and national defense issues.  A proven reformer, she weeded from power corrupt officials in both major political parties.  That is precisely why both major political parties hate her, because she does not tolerate corruption.

As a Governor, Sarah already has experience as a commander-in-chief - in charge of her state's national guards and law enforcement.

As a Governor, an elected state chief executive officer (CEO) -- with an 80-plus-percent approval rating -- Sarah is already more qualified to be POTUS than the current White House occupant.

For the 2008 election, Sarah Palin was chosen to balance and complement the Republican ticket: a governor and a senator, state executive experience and federal legislative experience, youth and energy, age and experience, a conservative and a moderate. What a waste that her running mate let his staff sabotage Sarah and their own campaign rather than defend her in the press, then blamed the electoral loss on her.  True conservatives know that Sarah Palin was the reason that Republicans received any votes at all in 2008.

Sarah's life and accomplishments are an example of self-made success, gratitude, faith, and genuine American patriotism.

After the 2008 electoral loss, rather than let Sarah return to her successful role as Governor, Sarah's vindictive political enemies, playing childish political games of personal destruction, instead buried her office with a series of  frivolous lawsuits -- every one of which was dismissed in a court of law.  Rather than subject her state to the wasted time and expense of defending the false allegations, she chose to step down instead and serve her country (even better in this writer's personal opinion) as an independent political commentator online and on television, holding the new regime accountable and firing up the conservative base, most of whom became active politically for the first time in their lives. 

Her Awesomeness Can Do It!

And yet to this day, Sarah's enemies still quickly and hypocritically dismiss any plans she has for higher office by parroting the false "she quit" meme.  Rather than let this bother her, Sarah just quietly remembers that their 2008 and 2012 candidate quit to run for higher office, and their 2016 candidate also quit two Federally appointed positions in order to escape a criminal investigation and distance herself from the controversy before running for an even higher office.  Sarah's enemies will never stop repeating the "she quit" hypocrisy, because to them, bankrupting a city (50 years of Democratic control in Detroit), a state (generations of "progressive" rule in California, or a nation (see USA 2009 to present) is preferable to stepping down from power. 


That's why Sarah's enemies hate fear her so's because she is a threat to their political survival: she exposes their hatefulness, intolerance, irrelevance, and criminally unqualified incompetence as we have witnessed since January 2009.

So in spite of all that awesomely solid Presidential cred in Governor Palin, a majority of idiots "voting early and voting often" not once but twice put a Chicago socialist "organizer" and professional campaigner in charge. May God (yes I said God, deal with it) have mercy on our souls.

And we won't hold our breaths for all those apologies due Sarah.

So...How's that Hope 'n' Change™ workin' out for y'all?