Sarah Palin will ALWAYS be Freaking Awesome.

This blog has officially ceased publication (until Sarah is President that is!)

Go see Why Sarah Palin Is So Freaking Awesome™, in her own words, at Sarah's facebook, tweeter, YouTube, and/or her PAC

If you like what you see, go support Sarah directly at the above links; and if you don't like Sarah, then go away and stop stalking her!

Sarah deserves our support more than this invisible little tribute blog does, and we need to show the communists in charge of our government that Sarah does not stand alone and that We The People will protect her as she fights for us and keeps Washington DC accountable!

Whatever Sarah does in life, she will succeed on her own terms, with guidance from our God and her beautiful family, the way it should be. Join her and win with the no-longer-Silent Majority to restore America as the Founders intended, or fight her to your own demise. Your choice.

Owned by neither political party and beholden to no one but a strong America, we as a nation will never be great again until we, united, recognize that we need, deserve, and commit to elect
President Sarah Palin

Going Rogue America By Heart